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Top 10 Sobriety Podcasts

There are so many good sobriety podcasts out there and it can be hard to know which one is going to suit you and your journey.

 Podcasts are the voices of recovery and are something that could help you feel less isolated on this sobriety journey and have become a fast growing support for sober curious people.

 Listening and resonating with the stories of others can sometimes be just what you need to get through a bad day.

So, for that extra bit of love and support...


Here are the 2021 Top Ten Sobriety Podcasts.

Beach Exerciser

So, if you're in need of inspiration...
Add these to your playlist.

Be it on a walk, at the gym, in the car or while in the bath with a cup of tea, there is nothing better than a good sobriety podcast.

Sober Awkward_Round 5-01.png

1.Sober Awkward (of course!)

The podcast all about feeling the awkward and doing it anyway. 

Join blogger Drunk Mummy Sober Mummy, Victoria Vanstone and Beanstalk Mums founder Lucy Good on this very relatable podcast about what it feels like being sober in a world soaked in alcohol.​

Each week they'll discuss different boozy topics, anything from first sober social events to what it's really like to living an alcohol-free lifestyle. 

Lucy and Vicky bring some humour and honesty to sobriety. These two ex-binge drinking, party girls, tell it like it is. Vomit, one night stands and life on the other side of their destructive drunken behaviours. So, if you’ve hit a wall, you're in need of giggle and some sober inspiration, then this is the podcast for you.

 2. The Bubble Hour

The Bubble Hour is hosted by Jean McCarthy , a sober woman dedicated to breaking down the walls of stigma and denial surrounding the disease of alcoholism. The podcast seeks to inform and educate. It's easy to identify with the voices you hear on this podcast because in every discussion you can find a piece of you. Jean has a simple premise, which is to hear the full story of the addict. She lets the person tell their truth without interruption which allows you to feel emotions and a sense of camaraderie with the person talking. This was one of the first podcasts I listened to on this sober path and it's one that is reliable and informative.


3. How I Quit Alcohol  - Danni Carr

Finding honesty after a life of hiding behind booze feels so refreshing and this podcast offers honesty in droves.  I love Danni and her approach to all of her guests. There are no holds barred in these interviews which makes for a great listen. Her stories can be brutal yet are endearing truths, she  is a breath of fresh air in the Aussie sober community and her podcast is full of some real nuggets of information, so make sure you have a pen and paper handy to make some notes. Danni has fab guests, that are always insightful and inspiring. Well worth a binge! (podcast binge - not booze! Obvs!)

4. One for the road - Sober Dave

So far,  so good! There are only 4 episodes so far but it is a relief to have someone out there who tells it like it is. Dave and I have been Instagram buddies for a while and I resonate with him because our drinking patterns were so similar.... mid-range binge drinkers with no off switches.

On his podcast he talks to all sorts of people on different ends of the alcohol spectrum. His chats are clear and open, and of course include a big dollop of humour and just enough poignancy to keep you interested.

 In sobriety it is so important to have people you can find similarities with, people that's story could be yours... and with Dave and I this really is the case. I love to hear his journey side by side with his wisdom and wit. It's a trustworthy combination. Such a joyful voice in this community.


5. Sober Curious

Author Ruby Warrington talks to all kinds of folks about their relationships with booze, as well as how to navigate life as a non-drinker in a world that loves to get wasted.

This is one of my faves,  I feel like she was me and I was her! When you find a like minded soul, or listen to someone that has had a similar journey to yours, then it makes very easy listening. Long forgotton stories are jogged in my memory when I listen to Ruby. She manages to awaken memories form within me that I had blocked or shoved into a blackout.  

She has some amazing guests, some funny, some moving and some inspiring. Never a dull moment. Well worth a listen.

6. The Way Out

I'm  recommending this one because even though I didn't get  sober via AA, I still learnt so much when listening to this educational show. Charlie really knows his stuff. He has many years sober under his belt and offers  amazing advice to his guests, sometimes information that they didn't know about themselves! His smooth and relaxing voice makes this an easy listen and it's perfect for people that are in need of a boost. He always ends with a high and leaves no stone unturned. I appreciate his knowledge and his ethics, So if you're ever having a wobble and need some sage advice then this is the one for you.

the way out.jpeg

7. This Naked Mind

I love her writing, her website, her books and her podcast. Needless to say I'm a huge fan of Annie Grace. Her work is based around changing your mindset and making alcohol insignificant in your brain and in your life.

Her voice is smooth (Yes, I love any podcast with an American accent!) and it's the perfect listen when relaxing at the end of a long evening.

She entices you in and it's a pleasure exploring  the role of alcohol in our lives along side her. She nudges listeners, without judgment, into considering a life without this toxin.

This podcast always makes me feel less alone in this alcohol filled world.

8. The Happy Place

Fearne Cotton is an English TV presenter that in recent years had gone from party girl to mum. She is now vegan with two kids and lives a more genuine lifestyle. Her guests are normally people that have experienced a change in thier lives, be it an addiction, injury, spirituality or diet. Each episode is designed to inspire and lead the listener into a healthier life, mentally and physically. People such as Russel Brand, Ricky Gervais and Kelly Jones give their take on the world and you are always guaranteed a giggle. This one is not sobriety based but will give you a lift. It's also a great place to other podcast recommendations.

happy plave.jpg

9. Soberoso

Dora, the host of soberoso, has an incredible story and when listening to her talk you can tell she has some wisdom behind her soft narrative. Her guests are all people that have been through it, and are able to offer sage advice for others that are struggling. If you're just starting out on this sobriety journey this one is great...The inspiring tales leave you full of hope and hearing how lost people can be, yet still find a way out lifts the soul by the end. This podcast proves that no one is a lost cause, and sobriety is worth fighting for.

Nearly every guest has me laughing and crying in the same breath. It's an emotional journey but a fascinating one.

10. The Club Soda Podcast

If you're not sure where you sit on this vast alcohol spectrum or if you're not sure who or what part of alcoholism you identify with then you will enjoy any of the Club Soda podcasts. They represent everyone, no matter if you're a weekend social binger or an alone at home drinker, you will find something for you. This podcasts offers support, advice and everything in-between. Laura and Dru give listeners hope that there is life after booze and that anyone can have a successful social life once drinking is taken out of the equation. their chats are always up-beat and with years of sobriety between them, you can't go wrong. I think this podcast is a must.


There are so many podcasts and not enough time in the day! My advice is just have one on the go, ready to play for each short car journey, or short walk... so no matter how much of a hurry you're in there is always a couple of moments where you can sit back and listen to people that have been through what you are going through. Podcasts, the voices of people in recovery, make this journey a lot easier, just search 'sobriety' in your favourite app to find more.

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