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 The Bubble Hour

The Bubble Hour is hosted by Jean M, a sober woman dedicated to breaking down the walls of stigma and denial surrounding the disease of alcoholism. The podcast seeks to inform, educate & help people identify with the stories they hear, the conversations & interviews with people who are just like they are, and let people know they aren't alone. Jean and the vibrant community of sober people who join her here, will be recording and offering this show for anyone to listen to for information, community, empathy, & understanding. 

 Seasons of Sobriety

About Podcast How is life experienced after five, ten, 20 years of sobriety? What did it take to get there, and how do you keep complacency at bay from the safe, solid foundation of a long-term recovery? Through engaging dialogue with recovering addicts and alcoholics in differing stages of recovery, host Howard M. walks listeners through various 'seasons' of sobriety, and what it takes to persevere through fears, resentment, sadness, and joy. Seasons of Sobriety offers a refreshing rest stop on the endless road to recovery. 

 Solo Sobriety

About Podcast This is a podcast about a young female going through the struggles of getting sober and staying sober. Finding what it means to overcome addiction and find balance in life. She's doing all while traveling solo in a Sprinter Van that has been built into a tiny home. The episodes are meant to help you question your current way of living and overcome obstacles you may be facing. 

Sober Curious author Ruby Warrington talks to all kinds of folks about their relationships to booze, as well as how to navigate life as a non-drinker in a world that loves to get wasted.
This is one of my faves,  I feel like she was me and I was heWhen you find a like minded soul, or listen to someone that has had a similer journey to yours, then it makes very easy listening. Long forgotton stories are jogged in my memory, things I had shoved into a blackout, are bought to the surface when I listen to Ruby talk. 
She has some amazing guests, some funny, some poinant and some inspiring. Never a dull moment. Well worth a listen.

Sober Cast: An (unofficial) Alcoholics Anonymous Podcast AA

An AA meeting in a Podcast. Sobercast is an (unofficial) Alcoholics Anonymous podcast featuring AA speaker meetings and workshops. This is not a discussion podcast, simply speaker meetings and workshops in a podcast format.

It's simple format and interseting guests make this a worthy entrant on the list.Real people with real stories. I could see myself in everyone of them no matter how extreme the stories are. It just shows that no matter where you sit on this confusing alcohol spectrum there will be someone out there just like you. A brilliant show.

I'm a huge fan of Annie. Her work is based on changing your mindset and making alcohol become an insignificant factor in your life. Her voice is smooth and it's the perfect listen when relaxing at the end of a long evening. She entices you in to explore the role of alcohol in our lives and culture without rules, pain, or judgement.

Always funny, always insightful.

Fearne Cotton is an English TV presenter that in recent years had gone from party girl to mum. She is now vegan with two kids and lives a more genuine lifestyle. Her guests are normally people that have experienced a change in thier lives, be it an addiction, injury, spirituality or diet. Each episode is designed to inspire and lead the listener into a healthier life, mentally and physically. People such as Russel Brand, Ricky Gervais and Kelly Jones give their take on the world and you are always guaranteed a giggle. This one is not sobriety based but will give you a lift. It's also a great place to other podcast recommendations.

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