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SAT secrets revealed – Get 2200+ on the SAT

For a high-school student, SAT is an important exam to get into college for further studies. The only thing between you and your dream college is the three words, commonly known as SAT. Everyone aspires to get good scores on their SATs.


You don’t have to be a genius to get 2200+ on the SAT. That’s correct you read it right, an average student also has the ability to get 2200+ on their SAT with right amount of hardwork and dedication. Believe in yourself and you are half way there. If you believe in yourself you can attain your goal instead of being daunted by failures.

Remember there is no alternative for hardwork and with dedication, discipline and the right strategies you can score more than 2200+ on your SAT exam.

I have tried to map the road ahead for achieving your goal. Here are few SAT secrets from service revealed for the ultimate 2200+ score on the SAT.:

1) Details in Prep Time: You have to focus and concentrate a great deal when you are actually preparing for the exam. The more effort you put in studying for SATs, the more it would be easy for you to garner those marks. In order to use various shortcuts you have to make yourself familiar with the basics.

a) Weakness Hunt: Identify your weaknesses and start working on it. It maybe a particular subject, your study pattern or timings, it can be anything. Identifying and working on your weakness may help you improve significantly your scores. When you discover your weaknesses you turn today’s threats into tomorrow’s opportunities.

b) Classes or the Self-way: You can join classes and seek professional help or you can study on your own with various resources available at your disposal or go with both the options. You can seek help in subjects in which you come across difficulties understanding the concepts. You can study the subjects you are confident in on your own terms and save a little time.

c) Practice makes you perfect: Practice tests are a boon for students giving SATs. Take up loads of practice tests. These tests would help you gain knowledge regarding the paper pattern, the types of questions asked and also it would help you in managing your time. Time management is an important aspect here that would help you in solving your paper on time and give you an edge to score more marks.

d) Vocabulary Galore: You have to learn loads of new words. Improving your vocabulary would not only help you in critical reading section but also might help you in writing high-quality essays. It would also improve your command over the language. When you come across a new word search for its meaning and also try to include it in your day-to-day conversation with people. According to studydaddy it would be lot easier for you to remember the new words rather than you mugging them up the night before your exam.

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