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Andrew - It Still Hurts.

Man Looking Out to the Mountains

I sat down to try and write my mums story but tears filled my eyes, even after 27 years..... it still hurts, 

My dad left when I was 2 (kicked out by my uncle for spending mums rent/bill money on booze)

We grew up on a council estate and had very little money we were the last in the street to get a colour TV !!

Along cane my younger brother after my mum had a drunk fling!.

When I was 10 mum met a guy who worked in his mum and dads WMC (RSL).He looked like Peter sutcliffe Jack the Ripper.

His parents retired and we took over the club, He became a father I never had.

Fast forward to sat 1993 I had been at work servicing a car I had bought for mum.

When I got home there was a lot of noise going on upstairs.

I went upstairs mum had collapsed and was been given CPR but her body was lifeless.

At mums funeral I asked if I could carry her coffin as she had done so much for me ,it was the least I could do.

Several weeks past ,when my mums best friend said to me , did your mum get her doctors results,

I said what results she did not reply.

I made an appointment to see mums doctor.

He said I gave your mum tablets for bruised ribs, as she had been hit by your step dad.

My heart sank ,I went to see my step dad and told him that I need to talk to him .

He came to my flat and told me that they had a drunken fight ,and that he hit her.

He left saying what’s done is done and we can’t change the past,

I was left on my own in tears 

I did not blame him I blamed the drink 

I moved to Australia to start a new life , but no matter where you are you can’t hid from your past.

Andrew is a dad that I met at the @untoxicated camping weekend. I loved spending time with him and his family. It's amazing how open and honest people are without alcohol at events like this. It just proves you don't need booze to bond!

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