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Pissed Up and Passed Out Parenting

Hello - I'm Vic, I live on The Sunshine Coast in Australia with three uncontrollable brats, a scruffy dog and a very patient husband. I'm from the UK originally and have been writing about motherhood and my zig zaggy journey to sobriety for two years. I started writing on the exact day I quit drinking alcohol, it became my outlet and my distraction from peering in the fridge at cold bottles of wine.  I've found letting out all of my fuckupery on my blog and in my book, has helped solidify my sobriety and led me to understand myself and my destructive habits. I have created this site to interact with sober curious people like me and to help others that are questioning their drinking habits. Quitting an ingrained drinking habit has made me a better mum, not a perfect one, but definitely a happier one. So, if like me, one isn't enough and two is too many, then it might be time to join the fizzy water brigade!



Me and booze don’t go well together, its like bunk beds and ceiling fans – the two just don’t work.  There are always disastrous results and it’s just taken me a million hangovers to realise that I was always the drunkest person in the room.

The inspiration for change is my children. I got pregnant at 35 and this forced me to be sober for 9 months. I saw a different me and I wanted more. Pregnancy gave me a great excuse not to get pissed for the first time ever. It allowed me a moments respite from being the driver of booze-fuelled party bus destined to crash, it was time for me to take my foot off the pedal, grab the wheel and steer the calamity that was me into a nice safe parking bay.


'This isn’t a about hitting rock bottom, I’m not typing from a gutter whilst slugging from a whisky bottle first thing in the morning. It’s not a tale of misery and childhood trauma that’s lead to a life of addiction. It’s the story a very normal girl with a very ordinary socially acceptable drinking habit. It’s a journey from a binge-drinking youth to a responsible -  yet pissed up parent at long boozy play dates.  It’s about understanding and changing habits.'

This is my story unwanted warts and all. - Just go to my blog page to find out more  about becoming a Sober Curious parent. Email me with and questions

So, Join me, find others like you, share and support.
All of our stories make a difference, no matter how messy! x

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