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Lucy and I get amazing emails each day from all over the world. These messages make us smile and keep us motivated. We are so pleased our crazy lives, and often humiliating stories, are resonating with people far and wide. It is a pleasure to share our 'sober journey' with you and hope our honesty and humour continues to inspire your sobriety. x

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We thank you with porridge!

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'Less Alone'

I have just discovered Sober Awkward (just finished #5) and I wanted to say a huge thanks. It’s always a bit weird to ‘find’ people who are so similar and have the same relationship with alcohol. Makes it all feel much less lonely. And this alcohol free life can be incredible lonely.

Sober Awkward_Round 5-04.png

Just wanted to say your podcast is helping me so much and I'm so grateful to feel like I'm not some random freak who can't control myself. I've only been sober now for two days but I genuinely don't ever want to drink again and the podcast is helping me make plans and tactics that will help me be the real me. Thank you so much!!!!

Sober Awkward_Round 5-04.png

The podcasts are so relatable (I feel like Lucy the homedrinker, but with the binging amounts of Victoria), which to some extent comfort me in a way that I feel less alone. Long story short: You rock girls! Keep on making podcasts and spreading the word!  

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I wrote this long silly letter to say that I'm so thankful to have found THE BOTH OF YOU. You were the right people for me when I needed it most. I can't begin to tell you how much your podcast has helped me in my loneliest moments. I'm forever thankful.

Please keep making them, bringing the laughter, and the insight. 

Your friend in New Orleans,

'helping me'

'the right


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'put the Kettle on'

Just wanted to say hi and let you know that I have listened to and continue to listen to all your podcasts....But I just put your last pod on and you said instead of reaching for a drink, “Put the fucking kettle on!” So I did! Gold by the way.  Am I supposed being a bloke? Oh well there it is. Cheers

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I’m so grateful to you for Sober Awkward I found your podcasts and started to go to sleep listening to them, and have been tuning in relentlessly ever since and really feel like I’ve managed to finally get a handle on my 35 years of secret (?) drinking and solo drinking at the ripe old age of ....

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Thank you for the AMAZING Sober Awkward podcast. I love listening to and laughing along with both of you! I'm 59 days sober today and your podcast is a key part of my sobriety journey.


Thank you. Lots of love!!

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Just wanted to say a big thank you for your podcasts I discovered them yesterday after someone in my sober forum group suggested it to me, and I’ve been binge listening ever since.Anyway I just wanted to say thank you for your humour and honesty. There are no sober  people in my locality so it’s good to hear  other voices talking positively about not drinking. From Ireland

'59 Days
Thanks to you'

'A Grateful

'Thank you'

Sober Awkward_Round 5-04.png

I’m writing just to say thank you for the Sober Awkward podcast. I started listening a few weeks ago, and I’ve already binged all the existing episodes. I’m very new (19 days) to alcohol-free life, but I honestly believe your podcast was instrumental in helping me realize that not drinking might actually be BETTER than drinking.

Sober Awkward_Round 5-04.png

'not a podcast type 
of person'

I'm not a big podcast person typically but I found yours a couple of days ago and LOVE IT.  You two are so funny, so relatable, and just so enjoyable to listen to.  I can't thank you enough for your honesty and openness. 

Sober Awkward_Round 5-04.png

Just writing having listened to your 10 top tits for getting on the sober bike.  I am ex festival, red wine swilling, travelling whilst smoking and drinking my own head off party fuck wit pushing 8 months AF.  This episode made me laugh out loud so thank you.

Sober Awkward_Round 5-04.png

“I can’t say how much this podcast “resonates” with me!! These ladies are so candid, funny and so real that they must be changing lives every day. Thank you for helping with this movement of sobriety and speaking of the grey area that has been shoved under the mat for so long.”

'Back on the 
sober bike'



Sober Awkward_Round 5-04.png
Sober Awkward_Round 5-04.png


“Love the comedy and entertaining message of Lucy and Vic. Impossible to get through this podcast without laughing out loud several times.”

Sober Awkward_Round 5-04.png

Changed my 

“These ladies have changed my life. I react well to humour and I am motivated by humour. Lucy and Victoria join three important components together when anyone is starting this journey.

Sober Awkward_Round 5-04.png

Warts and All!

These ladies tell us how it is - warts and all. Real experience related with humour, empathy and hope. If you need some inspiration in dealing with an alcohol infused world - give sober awkward a listen .”

Sober Awkward_Round 5-04.png

The Best!

This is the best podcast I’ve listened to in regards to being sober curious. It’s funny, clever and very informative. I’ve listened to each one at least twice. Listen in, you won’t be disappointed.”

Sober Awkward_Round 5-04.png


“I’ve been attempting a Sober Life for the ast 12 months and with my 40th in a couple of months Im now 2 months sober. Finding this community and Podcast has been such a help! Lighthearted and filled with humour but also so informative and comforting.”

Sober Awkward_Round 5-04.png

My Fave!

“I’ve got quite a few sober podcasts in my library, but this is now my favourite. The hosts are so relatable! I really enjoy listening to them, it feels like sitting down with your close friends for a chat.”

Sober Awkward_Round 5-04.png

Keeping me 
on track

“This podcast has been helpful in keeping me on track during sobriety. So relatable and a topic that’s good to have a laugh about amidst the seriousness! Highly recommend!”

Sober Awkward_Round 5-04.png

5 Stars!

“These two women talk frankly and openly about their past drinking and their sober awkwardness!! They are hilarious to listen to and it’s not judge - I look forward to every episode! 🕺🕺🕺”

Sober Awkward_Round 5-04.png


“Vic and Lucy have given me something that I have craved for years. The knowledge that problem drinking comes in many shapes and forms, is insidious and common.


Keep up the great work Vic and Lucy!!”

Sober Awkward_Round 5-04.png


“These girls are changing our unhealthy habits with laughter, humor and a whole lot of love. This podcast is a must listen to anyone thinking of going AF, and it’s so great to know your becoming part of a likeminded community of people.

Sober Awkward_Round 5-04.png

No Hangover!

“This podcast has been exactly what i needed, as a somewhat over enthusiastic party girl over the years. So much of what Lucy and Vic talk about rings true, and it has really helped me to reasess what is important to me and how to live a healthier, less hungover life. 

Sober Awkward_Round 5-04.png


This podcast, along with an online community of fabulous women and some practical tools for living has been pivotal to changing that mindset! I regularly listen to Lucy and Vic whilst out on my daily runs and find myself laughing out loud.

Sober Awkward_Round 5-04.png

Off button

For years I described myself as having a dodgy off button but at the time thought I was the only one! So glad this stuff is around now for me and others going through this. Thank you”

Sober Awkward_Round 5-04.png

Makes me

“I love this podcast, being new to AF journey you ladies bring a smile to my face every time 😘”

Sober Awkward_Round 5-04.png


“Easily one of the best sober casts out there. The two hosts bounce off each other beautifully with great anecdotes and authenticity. 

Sober Awkward_Round 5-04.png


Life saving. Amazing work ladies. Your stories are sadly, oh to familiar to me. Your strength and helpful tips have been such a saviour to me, 

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