Sober Awkward is here!

The podcast all about feeling the awkward and doing it anyway. 

Join blogger Drunk Mummy Sober Mummy, Victoria Vanstone and Beanstalk Mums founder Lucy Good on this very relatable podcast about what it feels like being sober in a world soaked in alcohol.

Each week they'll discuss different boozy topics, anything from first sober social events to what it's really like to living an alcohol-free lifestyle. 

Lucy and Vicky bring some humour and honesty to sobriety. These two ex-binge drinking, party girls, tell it like it is. Vomit, one night stands and life on the other side of their destructive drunken behaviours.

So, if you’ve hit a wall, you're in need of giggle and some sober inspiration, then this is the podcast for you. 


Drunk Mummy Sober Mummy Victoria Vanstone and Beanstalk Mums Founder Lucy Good. The Hosts of Sober Awkward.

Episode 1 - Alcohol Ain't My Mate!

Today Vicky and Lucy discuss that very personal and awkward moment when long-time heavy drinkers self-reflect, and admit their good old buddy booze is no longer working. Like so many people both Lucy and Vic ignored numerous wake up calls and continued their destructive drinking patterns for years.  But, as you’ll hear, imagining a life beyond the bottle seemed so unfathomable that they both suffered in silence until alcohol caused extreme anxiety and led to some very questionable behaviour.

So, when is it ok to ask for help? And what does it mean to be sober curious? This episode is all about reaching out, getting some answers and changing the cycle of destructive behavior.


Episode 2 - Telling People


This week Vic and Lucy discuss that super-duper awkward moment you decide to tell people you no longer partake in a tipple. For some this can be one of the most difficult steps to take on this sober path, so hard in fact, that it might feel easier just to keep on drinking. Vic and Lucy describe what this moment looked like for them, give you some tips on how to reveal all and why they were both pleasantly surprised how friends and family responded. So, if you’re not quite ready to shout about sobriety from the top of the Aldi carpark, then have a listen and get some inspiration. Join them today as they too learn how to feel the awkward and do it anyway!

Episode 3 - Bored, Boredom, boring, bored.

On this episode Vicky and Lucy discuss the correlation between choosing an alcohol-free life and becoming boring.  Why are the two so closely related and is it possible to shake off this negative reputation?

is it possible to change your perspective? and how long will it take before the fear of being boring is flushed away down the bog with that last bottle of wine.... and is it really possible embrace the boring?

As Vic and Lucy know, sober is boring by default, but, there's good news! Life without beer goggles for both these podium hogging party girls is better....

In every boring way!


Episode 4 -The Moderation Pixie


Why is it so hard to stop after that first drink? And why can’t we be ‘Normal Drinkers’ no matter how  good  our intentions? Today Vic and Lucy delve deeper into everything moderation. Is it science based, a cultural thing or just that some humans are born to over drink?

For their entire drinking careers, both Vic and Lucy tried and tried to moderate,  but they both always, without fail, failed!  So how long can you fail at something before deciding you can’t fix it on your own? and are other forces at play after having that first drink, is it environment? drinking culture? Trauma? or just a naughty pixie? Join them for some sober giggles in this brutally honest sobriety podcast. 


Anyone for Porridge?

Episode 5-Uncanny Similarities


Today Vic and Lucy discuss their very similar personality traits which they believe may have led them to be such heavy drinkers. They share what those characteristics were (things like shyness, low self-esteem and anxiety); why they felt the need to drown them out with booze; the mess they created by doing this; and how they have accepted and adapted these traits in their sobriety.


As everybody that sits on this vast alcohol spectrum knows, alcoholism does not discriminate and absolutely anyone can be affected. This chat is about Vic and Lucy's own personal journeys and their uncannily similar experiences. They hope that by sharing them, it might help you identify why you reach for a drink and hopefully get you to consider other ways to be YOU without the booze.

Tea for Two.


Episode 6 - From Tequila Shots to Tiny Tots


What happens when party girls become mums? Do you just stick the baby in a carrier and head off down the pub? Or are you magically turned into a perfect, cake baking earth mother as soon as a baby pops out? 

In this hilarious and insightful episode, hosts Vic and Lucy, delve deeply into their very personal journeys from party girls to mums. They tell you how this confronting transition felt for them, why they leant on wine to get through, how heavy drinking impacted their beloved children and of course, how they managed to turn it around and become sober mums on a mission.

So, if your hangovers are filled with parental guilt and anxiety, or perhaps your kids are soaking up some of your bad habits? or if you're just in need of some sober inspiration and a belly laugh, this is the podcast for you!


In our tiny studio with Alan lurking in the background.

Episode 7- Surviving A Sober society


On this Episode Vic and Lucy tell us what they thought about sober groups  and sober people before they ditched the booze and how, actually, once they both dipped their toes in, they realised sober groups were no where near as boring as they perceived. In fact they are full of inspiring and interesting people that had excellent stories! They will share with you how to approach these groups, how to find online support and as always.... how to feel the awkward and do it anyway. Sobriety is all about connection and finding other people you resonate with. This episode is an absolute must for those feeling solitary in their choice to quit drinking.


Vic, proudly showing off the scarf

Lucy knitted!