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Sober Awkward Series 2

Series 2  - Episode 1 -William Porter


On this episode Vic and Lucy welcome their first guest onto The Sober Awkward Podcast - William Porter. William is the Author of one of the most popular 'Quit Lit' books out there - 'Alcohol Explained.' He's an expert in the chemical, physiological and psychological factors at play when alcohol is consumed. In this chat Lucy and Vic break down 'A day in the life of a drinker.' with William and get his brilliant insight on everything from that first drink until the anxiety ridden hangover. They find out what's really going on when in our brains when take that first euphoric sip, why we seem to always fail at moderation and how sleep deprivation plays a huge part in over drinking.

This is a fascinating look inside our habits, our bodies and our minds. This episode is a must for those considering an alcohol-free life. 

Series 2  - Episode 2 - The Sober Hangover

Get your cup of Chamomile and Rescue Remedy at the ready because this episode might be a little anxiety inducing for some.  Today Vic and Lucy are talking about drinking trauma and triggers. You know, those pesky daily reminders that pop up out of nowhere and momentarily plop you back into who you once were. A heavy drinker. 

They look at why these flashbacks happen, what their own personal experiences are, how they change the longer you're sober and how you can deal with them in a peaceful sober manner without going full circle and reverting to your bad habit.

Vic and Lucy hope that by being open and honest about what makes them ache for a wine, you'll be able to take heed and learn how to avoid leaning in for a drink when these reminders suddenly sneak up on you.


One Year Sober !

Series 2  - Episode 3 -Understanding You Are worthy of help.


There is a lonely place where heavy drinkers get stuck. This grey area or 'Pinot Gris Purgatory' as Vic likes to call it, is sadly where many boozers suffer in silence and don't get the help they deserve. This is a topic very close to Vic and Lucy's hearts, having both fallen through this crack themselves. They got stuck in a drinkers no-mans land, where they didn't feel that their drinking was bad enough to be worthy of support. Today they discuss why they felt so trapped and the denial that kept them there, how eventually they took responsibility for their drinking habits and how getting support lead them to not only liking themselves, but also understanding that no matter where they sat on the vast spectrum of alcoholism, they, like you, were worthy of help. An insightful and motivating episode.

Don't forget to for your free sample.

Series 2-Episode 4-Last Orders-with sober dave

sober dave.jpg

Today Vic and Lucy welcome Sober Dave onto the podcast. Since Dave ditched the booze nearly 3 years ago he has become one of the most prominent sober voices out there. Speaking out about his battle at events, schools, and on-line. Dave has gone from rock bottom to becoming a sober coach and major influencer and his story is now helping destigmatise alcoholism in society. On this episode of Sober Awkward you'll get the male perspective, what it's really like as a man speaking up about alcohol and how heavy drinking affected Dave's life, work and relationships over the years. So, go and put the bloody kettle on and settle in - this is going to be a cracker.

David Wilson

Series 2-Episode 5-The impact of words


Alcoholic, me? Not on your Nelly! On this Episode of Sober Awkward Vic and Lucy discuss the impact of words related to sobriety. During the chat they discover how some words support recovery, and how others can actually derail it. For some people (including Vic) being called an 'Alcoholic' felt extreme and didn't represent the sort of drinker she was, but for Lucy, that word gave her strength, identity and eventually enabled her to address her drinking habit. So, todays episode is an opportunity to help you untangle some of these controversial words and find ones that fit your personal path to lasting sobriety. 

The breakfast of Champions

Series 2-Episode 6-Alcohol and the Pandemic


This week Lucy and Vic are talking about the how the pandemic has affected alcohol intake. Unfortunately, home lockdowns, boredom and fear meant alcohol consumption increased by 25% in 2021. People are leaning on booze more than ever before. For some, the pandemic meant they were dragged further into an already toxic relationship with alcohol and others were actually forced to confront their demons and used Covid19 as an opportunity to change. So, did covid break you or make you?  Today Vic and Lucy want to delve into how you can identify if your drinking has got out of control and uncover the signs that your habit needs addressing. Is one bottle of wine per night really too much? Find out on this funny and insightful episode.

Series 2-Episode 8- A Merry af Christmas


The tree’s up, the presents are wrapped, and everyone is getting ready for the big day. But for sober people Christmas can ‘throw up’ a few unexpected cravings and some very uncomfortable conversations. Being the one person that’s breaking tradition, and not downing Bucks Fizz for breakfast, can be a challenge. Lucy and Vic were astonished to find they enjoy a sober Christmas much more than a hammered one. They get to absorb the good, ignore the bad and leave when they’ve had enough. So, how do you make it through this annual drinking marathon sober? And is it ok to say no? On this episode they will share lots of tips and tricks on how to get through this momentous day with nothing but a gaudy jumper and a few firm boundaries. They’ll teach you how to be sober punks and break the traditions ingrained since childhood, oh, and they will also talk a lot about the importance of pudding. A funny and festive episode.

Series 2-Episode 7- How people Help or hinder Sobriety

Today it's all about the people. The ones you surrounded yourself with when drunk, and when newly sober. Vic and Lucy hid amongst heavy drinkers for most of their boozy lives. It's how they avoided confronting their own issues. But now, they are both loud and proud sober women.... but it hasn't all been plain sailing. They both still find it challenging being around people that drink and it's hard navigating old friendships in which alcohol was the only common denominator. So, how do you stay friends with people that no longer socialise in the same way you do? and is it really possible to live with a heavy drinker and get sober? On this episode you'll find out why sobriety has to be a solo endeavour and why your changes could open the sobriety door to the people around you.

My fave non drinking buddy!


Series 2 Episode 9 - Your first 100 Days of Sobriety

Are you thinking about changing your relationship with booze? Scared about what the first 100 days will bring? Well, you're in the right place!If you are waking up on New Years Day with an awful hangover, questioning why your plan to have 'one or two' ended with you singing Wonder Wall outside a 7-Eleven at 3am....then this is the perfect podcast for you. Today it's all about new beginnings, fresh starts and skipping into the sunset with nothing but you're pride and a bottle of fizzy water. Vic and Lucy will tell you everything they know about the first 100 days of sobriety and they'll help you answer all those pesky questions spinning around in your hangxiety ridden brain. On this funny, yet poignant episode you'll get loads of top tips and advice on  how to get through those first wibbly wobbly days and gather the tools you need to achieve a healthy, happy, longterm sobriety from day 1 to 100 ....and beyond! Giggle along as the lady's uncover the truths about living an alcohol-free life, the good, the bad, the ugly... and the awkward.

Sober Awkward_Round 5-04.png

Series 2 Episode 10 - Shame with Sarah Drage

Today the ladies welcome Sarah Drage to the Sober Awkward podcast. Sarah lost her dad to alcohol misuse disorder in 2017 and is bravely sharing her story to raise awareness and de-stigmatise alcoholism in society. Her first-hand experience of losing someone to alcoholism highlights the damage alcohol does and how the shame of addiction stops people reaching out for support.

Vic and Lucy are out of the studio today due to Lucy being stuck down with Covid, but with the help of Alan, and the wonders of technology, they have managed to piece together this heart wrenching episode. 

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