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Sober Awkward Series 3


Series 3 Episode 1 - The Dangers of Highly Functioning

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Today Vic and Lucy discuss being highly functional drinkers. What is it and why does it take so long to identify?  Both the girls functioned well enough in life to cleverly and silently slip under the radar, they held down jobs, got married and even pulled off motherhood! They looked functional from the outside but beneath the function they were both heavily drinking, using their success's as an excuse to pour another glass. Today Vic and Lucy have some revelations about their sordid pasts and find out why waking up at 5am for a jog, being the best parent in the world or keeping down a steady job, might not have meant they were winning.... It actually meant they were hiding a problem in plain sight.

Series 3 Episode 2 -Hangxiety


Today Lucy and Vic are dipping their toes back into the depths of their drinking days. In this episode they force themselves to regress into the many gloomy Sundays spent in bed, hungover, ravaged by fear and anxiety.  Hangxiety played a huge role in both their lives. It's the reason they kept drinking and the reason they got sober. So, today you'll get the full hangxiety story. Why we get it. The science behind it. Why some are more prone to it than others. How you deal with it and a miracle formula that means you will never have to experience hangxiety again. Oh, and you'll also find out why Vic ended up in a Cult! This is their most insightful and honest episode yet so make sure you have a nice cuppa on hand to keep you fearless throughout! This episode is sponsored by Lyres to get 15% off got to 

Series 3 Episode 3 -The Sober Holiday


Grab your passport, flip flops and sunscreen, the boarders are open so a trip abroad might be just around the corner. But what does a holiday look like now the mini bar is off limits?

As a newly sober soul, holidays or weekends away are daunting. You're used to cocktails by the pool, sundowners at the beach bar and shots at the local nightclub... So now what? Hide in the hotel room in a cosy bathrobe and order room service?

NO!! Sober people deserve a holiday too, you just need to be prepared and reframe your time away from home. On this hilarious episode Vic and Lucy will delve into messy drinking holidays of the past, compare them to sober holidays and take you through the steps you need to put in place to ensure you're not tempted by 'just one' Pina Colada. They learnt, after a lot of mistakes, that time away without booze... can actually (drum roll) be better than ever before.

So, get packing! It's time for your sober vacation.

Series 3 Episode 4 -Sober dating

It's here! The episode all you single sober souls have been waiting for. Sober Dating! Seeing as Vic and Lucy know nothing about sober dating they have invited on an expert. Faye is the founder of Untoxicated, a grey area drinking coach and all-round professional party pooper. She has been on and off the sober dating scene since she gave up booze 4 years ago. Today they discuss everything from their drunken dating pasts, vulnerable sober sex and all the squishy stuff in-between. In this cheeky episode you'll get to find out what it's really like showing up to a date as you, no mask, no crutches. Together Vic and Faye discover that sober dating is about maturity, boundaries, and practice. It really is a case of feeling the awkward and doing it anyway!


Faye Lawrence from Untoxicated

Series 3 Episode 5 -The Healing Body

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Today Vic and Lucy are using scare tactics to get you thinking about your alcohol consumption. They're delving into the stats and figures, then pinpointing areas where this 'Class A Carcinogen' is doing the most damage. They discuss weird ailments, from gallstones to thinning hair, and how their bodies feel since ditching the grog. Have they healed? Today you're getting a sober awkward health check from two prestigious party girls. Was Vic's back pain caused by booze filled aching kidneys? Or was it because she let a nightclub of people dance on her back most Friday nights? Did someone say Human Podium?

Series 3 Episode 6 -Behind Closed Doors

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Today Vic and Lucy are trying to understand why drinking can sometimes retreat behind closed doors. Is it because of parenting woes, because of shame or because people feel safer in the confines of their own four walls? What really causes people to hide away and what are the warning signs that your drinking has spiralled out of control? Today they discuss the somewhat-warped mindset that comes with drinking at home and, most importantly, what to do if you’re sinking a bottle of Sav from the perceived safety of your sofa. Join them as they discover the dangers of drinking behind closed doors.

Series 3 Episode 7 -Relapse!

For many reasons, no matter how hard you try, even if you hate it, when you give up alcohol it has an annoying habit of creeping back into your mind. Strong emotions, triggery places and drinking culture, mean thoughts of it seep in, little nudges and voices begin shoving you towards having 'just one' and before you know it, you're at the bottle shop paying for a bottle of Sav.

For some, relapse is a part of the sobriety path and others manage to circumvent it. But how? Today Vic and Lucy delve into the times they wobbled, tell you the most common relapse triggers, give you some tips on how to avoid going back and discuss the shame and drama that jogs alongside returning to booze after a period of abstinence. 


Series 3 Episode 8 -A Drinking Career


Lucy is away in England, so Vic welcomes her sister Louise onto the Sober Awkward podcast today. Louise has been sober for over 23 years and is an expert when it comes to alcohol and work environments. Together they delve into why there is so much pressure to drink with work mates, how alcohol and hangovers affected their careers and if there are any ways employers can make job and work functions a bit more AF friendly. Oh; and there are a few awful work related misdemeanours from Vic, Lou and the listeners to cringe over. So tuck your shirt in, polish your shoes and turn on the photocopier - it's time for the calamitous Sober Awkward curriculum vitae! 

Series 3 Episode 9 -The Cravings Toolkit

Cravings are a huge part of treading this sober path.  This week the girls want to delve deeper into these pesky reminders of their past lives.

Let's face it, cravings are out to get you! They sneak up and tap you on the shoulder when you least expect it. They make you uncomfortable around alcohol and can cause you to slip up. Today Vic and Lucy want to find out if it's possible to predict cravings, prepare for them and accept them as just a part of going alcohol-free. In this funny and insightful episode you'll learn the science behind why your squishy brain still desires alcohol when sober, why you hanker after booze when hormonal, why having a fuzzy brain after 25 years of caning it is quite normal and loads of tips and tricks to stop you fantasising about your old buddy - booze. Oh, and find out why Vic is scared of hammocks!


Series 3 Episode 10 - Change


It's the final episode of series 3 and a chat that Vic and Lucy have been dreading (for reasons revealed on the pod.) Today the girls talk about the brilliant bond they have formed over the last year and how Sober Awkward has helped them understand sobriety and themselves.

Change can feel overwhelming for sober people and learning to step out of our sober comfort zones is a scary but a necessary part of treading this path.  Today the girls have to confront change. In this heart-wrenching discussion you'll hear about the changes they've both made, about how finding one person to support you can be enough, and how when one door closes... another one always opens.

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