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Join Vic and Hamish every week! The Sober Awkward Podcast is now hosted by Nova and a new episode is available every Sunday night!
Have you ever woken up from a big night out and said ‘I’m never drinking again!’  Then found yourself waving $50 at a barman by Happy Hour. Well, so have Vic and Hamish. Join them on this hilarious and relatable podcast about being sober in a world soaked in alcohol. Each week they discuss different boozy topics and open up a shame shed of humiliating stories. Vic and Hamish bring humour and honesty to sobriety. These two ex-binge drinking, party animals tell it like it is. Vomit, one-night stands and life on the other side of their own destructive drunken behaviour. So, if you’ve hit a wall, you're fed up with anxiety, headaches and blackouts or you just need some sober inspiration... then go put the kettle on and learn how to feel the awkward and do it anyway!

We’re back! Today Vic welcomes her lovely new co-host Hamish to the Sober Awkward podcast. In this funny and insightful episode they discuss what it means to identify as sober curious and how giving up your reliable social crutch will make you happier, help your anxiety and turn you into a more authentic version of you. So, go and put the kettle on or grab your headphones and giggle along as Vic and Hamish  reveal some humiliating drinking stories and cringy under-the-influence escapades. All of which will help you understand your own intricate relationship with your old buddy - booze.

Have you ever taken a moment to truly consider the cost of your drinking? We're not just talking about the cost to your health, but the equally concerning cost to your finances. 

In this weeks episode Vic and Hamish explore the hidden costs of a night out. From rounds of drinks to taxi rides – from police fines to late night kebabs. They dig into the empty wallet that comes with being party animals and cringe over the money they've both pissed away through a lifetime of boozing! 

Have you ever wondered if your drinking habit is inherited or were you just born to be a party animal? Join Vic and Haim as they create a delicious pie chart of fuckupery! Today they uncover all the elements that cause people to over drink, discuss the booze family tree, and  how ingrained family traits affected them growing up. Was it nature or nurture or just the environments they placed themselves in that made them into binge drinkers?
Listen to find out if you can keep blaming and keep drinking.

Many of us believe drinking alcohol makes us more confident. You may think that booze can help introverts come a little out of their shells and help extroverts turn things up to 100! But is this actually the case?

In this weeks episode Vic and Hamish take a deeper look at  whether the authentic version of themselves without alcohol is still an extrovert or whether this personality has been manufactured by Jaeger bombs!

Question - Are one night stands fun?... or are they actually a bit weird? Today Vic and Hamish discuss the reality of sleeping with someone you don't know. They uncover how these brief pissed-up liaisons made them feel deflated and how this sticky scenario can differ for men and women. Today we find out why Vic always hoped that each chance meeting would lead to love... and how Hamish was just happy to involved in any sexy downstairs disco!

So, if you've ever felt a little yucky after a hook-up then this episode is here to get you thinking twice about drinking when sex is on the menu.

In this weeks episode Vic and Hamish explore the hobbies that have worked for them and warn of others that almost drove them back to the bottle.

You'll hear about some pastimes that got left by the wayside when drinking entered the fray. Vic used to collect rubbers...not those ones...don't ask! Whilst Hamish walks you through his 'Goals Tree' with all its sober hobby branches. It may only make sense to him. Only time will tell...

If like Hamish and Vic you've ever got three sheets to the wind, blackout wasted and wondered why one minute you’re in a London bar ordering tequila shots, and the next your waking up in a bunk bed in run down motel in Madrid with twigs in your hair, wearing one shoe, then we hope this episode will make you think twice about over drinking.

In this episode Hamish and Vic have an honest and open conversation behind what might be causing men to struggle when it comes to opening up emotionally.

It is no secret that vulnerabilities are still considered a weakness rather than a strength by many and this might be the reason behind so many men turning to alcohol as a means of opening up or numbing out their feelings.

Going to big events ‘totally-tea-total’ can certainly change the vibe. It’s overwhelming watching everyone around you get wide-eyed and wasted while you tap your foot and plaster a fake sober smile across your face. If you are newly sober those first shindigs can be anxiety inducing and overwhelming…. But the good news is, the longer you are sober and the more you go, the easier big events will become.

Peer pressure and drinking have gone hand-in-hand since day one.
Whether it's the pressure to drink for the first time or to break your sobriety in the name of 'having a good time'! Vic and Hamish are both guilty of using peer pressure and giving in to it over the course of their lives.
In this weeks episode, you'll learn about what peer pressure really is, why it affects us so much and what tools you can use to overcome it. 

Are you thinking about giving up drinking, but something is stopping you going 100% sober?  If so, this episode is for you. It will bombard you with laughs and loads of rational reasons to take the plunge into an alcohol-free life. It's an episode jam packed with the good news, that’s not all skin deep!
It’s a fact, sobriety makes your skin clear, your eyes so bright and you generally look much healthier but just because you look good - does that mean you’re really happy?

For some of us sober folk, alcohol free drinks have been the saviour. The magical invisibility cloak that allows us to blend into social gatherings.
Whilst for others - they are very much part of the problem.


They can be the trigger that pushes us off the wagon and straight back into drinking.
Today the guys take a peek into the benefits and risks of this exploding industry.

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