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Getting away with it all my life...

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

I was a reliable drinking buddy for everyone. As long as it was after 5pm then it was always wine o’clock for me, or half past beer or, in fact, ten to shot. I’d be counting down those minutes most nights until the first pop, fizz or satisfying sound of bubbles hissing in my glass would echo out across my living room. I never drank during the day, of course, that was for real alcoholics, just nearly every night for the past 25 years. I could sniff out a party like a pig searching for truffles, I loved to drink and be merry, who didn’t? I was consistently on a big dipper, drunk or hung over, never stopping or slowing down which meant I never had the opportunity to see myself or know myself without alcohol inside me. Who was I without it?

It was time to wipe off the disco dirt, take off my happy go lucky pissed up persona and to dig deep into my reasons for being so reliant on booze to have fun and maybe, just maybe, try something new?

I’ve been getting away with it for as long as I can remember. are we all just about getting away with it? I mean are we nearly all dying to stop? I was starting to wonder if there is an underlying epidemic of people desperate for help but not able to admit it.

Can we get away with it? or can we stop? if so how? it needed investigation...

I have tried to keep my identity a secret on this page - I dont know why because I am so proud of what I have achieved so far. I still have a deep ingrained fear of people thinking I'm a party pooper. Peoples opinions of me matter. I would love to know some techniques on how to embrace this journey rather than fear reactions.

Pic - this is me under cover.

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