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Sober is the New Cool!

I’m Kim from Sober Is The New Cool.

In 2013 my 13 year old son, Matthew, starting having Grand Mal Seizures. Needless to say our world was turned upside down. As a Mom, of course, my first reaction was how can I fix him? As medication for his seizures was our only solution, the doctors told us that alcohol would be a definite no in our world from that day on.

So, I decided to stop drinking for him.. I wanted to prove that alcohol and drugs were not a necessity to have fun, and that he could have a happy life without it. Little did I realise the constant social pressure I felt and encountered from quitting alcohol that at the age of 52. It was a surprise how disappointed people were with my choice. If I was feeling so pressured, How would my teenage son be able to withstand the peer pressure of drinking and socialising with his fiends when growing up and how would he be able to abstain in a world that glamorises drinking?

After 3 months of no drinking, I decided to keep going and that was ten years ago. As the months passed I realised how I was feeling so much better and that drinking wine everyday was in fact NOT normal. The benefits quickly outweighed the challenge of not drinking. My son Matthew was my priority and my focus was on him. So, I just kept going! I created 'Sober Is The New Cool' so I could talk about the pressure I had felt in those early days of going sober and so Matthew would not have to explain every single time 'WHY' he did not drink.

10 years ago there were not many people or sites talking openly about the shame and stigma surrounding mental health and addiction. So I decide to be the one to get this message out there - A Facebook page was created and BOOM...

I was receiving so many messages. The United Kingdom, then the USA and then other countries were ready and eager to discuss and NORMALISE being SOBER.

The past 10 years have been absolutely incredible - I have met the most sensitive authentic people from around the world. My role has become to rebuild others self esteem as I do not want anyone to ever have to wait until they are 60 years old to realise they are ENOUGH. When people reach out I ask 'Do you want to try the 'I AM' exercise with me? So, what does that mean?

I send ONE positive word every morning and every night. Then I ask them to resend me a word that best describes a positive quality they have. They quickly start to remember all the qualities they forgot they possess.

I'ts a great way to really connect with someone and truly show them that they are WORTHY of someone taking the time every single day. Many of the woman and men now are finding their self worth and know they are deserving of a life filled with memories. Let’s face it... at the beginning it’s definitely challenging stepping this path, but I believe that if you surround yourself with others that have the same goals, beliefs, and hopes, its like finding new best friends and family.

As sobriety is not a one size fits all, I help others find different avenues that will work for them. Sober Is The New Cool has grown so much and I have been blessed with others becoming SITNC ambassadors from all over the world. It’s truly amazing how small the world truly is!

No one will be left behind. We must never give up on anyone ever. These men and woman are dedicated to helping others in their countries or through their contacts connecting others together.

Connection is the key to Hope, health and happiness...

I feel beyond blessed to have reinvented myself at 52 years of age. To fill my life with passion is something I can be proud of.

If we can all remember that no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. Only by giving are we able to receive more than we already have.

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