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The Best Facebook Groups and Instagram Accounts for The Sober and Sober Curious.

The whole online world can feel daunting at times, especially if your feeling vulnerable and are newly sober. You just don't know who to trust, who is real or who is trying to scam you or troll you... but it seems there is a little nook in this tangled web where like-minded people offer nothing but love, support and advice for nothing in return accept a like or a follow.

There is help and kindness just sitting inside your computer screen.

It's an incredible world, one that took me far too long to find.

After I got therapy and ended my 25-year long toxic relationship with booze I knew, as I skipped out of my last appointment, that my life was going to be very different from that day onwards.

For a while I thought I was the only person on this entire planet that had a mid-range binge drinking problem. I suffered in silence for too long because I didn’t think my drinking habit was severe enough for any sort of help. I didn't feel brave enough to talk about it because I thought it had to be worse, more critical, than it really was.

So sobriety felt like a lonely path to follow.

Even though I wanted to shout about my newfound sobriety from the top of the Aldi carpark.

I didn’t.

Partly because I was scared of people knowing about my humungous change, and partly because that car park is quite high and I didn’t want to fall off and die just as I’d got my life on track!

Anyway, shouting about giving up booze just didn't seem like the 'done thing' so I kept my big mouth zipped. I knew that my decision would probalbly annoy people. Be too confronting for some, and too boring for others. So, I kept quiet and had to find a new ways to discuss the ups and downs of sober living.

I was desperate to find people like me, that understood me, people that found socialising hard. I needed a support network that I could tap into 24/7, fellow sober buddies that understood the struggle and joy that go hand in hand with sober life.

I searched online and to my utter wonderment, found a whole huge community of people just like me. It was like winning the lottery. There they were, on my screen, staring back at me. On facebook and Instagram, websites, webinars and podcasts. All ex-boozers that were not only talking about grey area drinking but were proud of their journeys and their new lives. It was a relief to discover I was no longer alone..

...and you don't need to be either.

There is a whole new happy sober tribe just waiting to meet you.

I have decided to put a list together of some of the groups I discovered in my desperate search back in the early days of my sobriety, along with a few I have found more recently. I have also added at the end of the article some great Insta accounts to follow for some daily inspiration.

After all, sobriety is all about connection. We’re in this together and the more we talk about it the more chance we have at healing ourselves and others.

So, follow, like, subscribe and join. Sometimes it might be just one post, or one comment that brightens your day, makes you laugh or stops you reaching for the bottle ever again.

Note - I have added the links to all the groups so all you have to do is answer their questions, accept the group rules and get connected. Enjoy x

1. For Sober Curious Women – Drunk Mummy Sober Mummy - The Group.

A group designed for women that feel stuck in a rut and need some love and support. A place for women discuss alcohol openly without fear of judgment.

2. For Mindful Drinking advice and for Sober Support. Club Soda Together.

If you want to cut down, take a break or stop drinking for good, Club Soda is for you.

This Facebook group is a community of people helping each other by sharing real experiences. If you want to discover how to drink mindfully and live well, then join this group.

3. For those Questioning - Sober Curious

A community page for those who identify as Sober Curious, managed by author and

founder of the SC movement, Ruby Warrington.

Anybody questioning their relationship with alcohol is welcome here.

4. For getting advice on any sort of addiction – Sober Krew

SOBER KREW is a Recovery Group. If you would like to join this super supportive group you should desire to be SOBER from Alcohol or CLEAN from drugs and support those in Recovery. You are also welcome on this page if you know someone struggling with or are actively participating in recovery.

5. For anyone wanting to change their relationship with alcohol. Be Sober, Quit drinking and Enjoy life.

A community is for people who want to change their relationship with alcohol and stop drinking for a better life. A wonderful community to support each other on the sober-journey.

6. Just for Mums – Sober Mom

A community where Moms who are trying to conquer their addictions can come together and support and encourage one another, regardless of where we are in our recovery journey.