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The Sober Social - For Sober Curious Women

No blog post this week as I've been busy avoiding cleaning and hiding from my children!

But, I wanted to share with you the sober social group I started a few months ago.

The Sober Social - For Sober Curious Women, will be meeting once a month on The Sunshine Coast for a dinner, walk or a picnic. The group is designed to support women that are questioning their relationship with alcohol. So, no matter where you sit on this vast alcoholism spectrum or if you have a partner struggling with alcohol, you will be welcome to join. The Sober Social is a judgement-free, alcohol-free group where women are free to share their experiences, give advice and have meaningful connections that we will all remember the next day. So come along and down fizzy water with me until we fall over.

Our next event is a Picnic in the park this Saturday.

You can either join the meetup group -

The Facebook Group is for women anywhere that are looking for a safe place to discuss the ups and downs of giving up booze, share articles, podcasts and book recommendations or just have a good old rant.

Making the change towards sobriety is a huge step and socialising without being blotto was one thing I found very hard. My hope is that by connecting with other women going through the same struggles, we can learn how to have fun, be ourselves and relax without getting wasted.

So come and make some sober mates!

Cheers, Vicky.

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